Articles | Volume 11, issue 1
01 Jun 1992
 | 01 Jun 1992

Into the next decade

Mike Keen

Abstract. As the Journal of Micropalaeontology enters its second decade, the editorial board has taken the opportunity to introduce some changes in its format. You may have already noticed the different layout of the title pages and the way in which text wraps around diagrams; we have also changed the font and font size, and are using more bold lettering in the systematics sections and explanation of plates. We hope that these changes will make the Journal easier to read. We also considered publication on matt paper, and thanks to the helpfulness of the printer were able to compare plates printed on different paper; however the editorial board was unanimous in deciding to keep with glossy paper because detail was clearly lost when plates were printed on matt.

The end of one decade and the start of a new one is always a time for reflection. The Journal is a valuable vehicle for the publication of systematic work, and this will remain its primary role. However, the editors would like to see the submission of more of the “ideas” type of paper. Some thoughts on this are offered here. The first of what is hoped to be a series, “Essays in Micropalaeontology”, is published in this part. The format is intended for short critiques, opinions, or discussion of topics which are of interest to a wide audience. They may deal with a particular group of micro-organisms, but the content should be of general interest to most micropalaeontologists. John Haynes has opened. . .