Articles | Volume 11, issue 2
01 Dec 1992
 | 01 Dec 1992

Kirkbyites Johnson, an ostracod genus indicative of pelagic palaeo-environments

Gerhard Becker and Horst Blumenstengel

Abstract. A third Kirkbyites species, K. hercynicus sp. nov., is described from the early Upper Devonian (early Famennian) of the Harz Mountains (Central Europe) to join the other two known species of the genus Kirkbyites upsoni Johnson, the Upper Carboniferous type species from Nebraska (U.S.A.), and the late Upper Devonian Kullmannissites? solus Becker from N Spain (W Europe). Its biotype indicative carapace features, characteristic of marine low-energy palaeo-environments, place Kirkbyites Johnson, 1936 (Ostracoda, Palaeocopida, Kirkbyacea, Amphissitidae) into Becker’s “Thuringian” ecotype.