Articles | Volume 11, issue 2
01 Dec 1992
 | 01 Dec 1992

A New Allogromiid Genus (Rhizopoda: Foraminiferida) from the Vellar Estuary, Bay of Bengal

Andrew J. Gooday and Olivia J. Fernando

Abstract. This paper reports what we believe to be the first record of allogromiid foraminifers from coastal Indian waters. Two species from the Vellar Estuary on the east coast of India south of Madras are described and placed in a new genus Vellaria. The foraminifers live at or near the sediment-water interface and are characterised by the development of a flared, conical or trumpet-shaped apertural structure which apparently serves to attach the test to small sand grains. Allogromiids are delicate and inconspicuous organisms which may be more widespread in esturine and brackish water settings than is currently realised.