Articles | Volume 11, issue 1
01 Jun 1992
 | 01 Jun 1992

Trochamminoides grzybowskii, nom.nov., a new name for Trochammina elegans Grzybowski, 1898 (Foraminiferida)

M. A. Kaminski and Stanislaw Geroch


Trochamminoides elegans (Grzybowski) [= Trochammina elegans Grzybowski, 1898] is a familiar species that is commonly recorded from the Paleogene of the Carpathian flysch. However, during the course of work on a taxonomic revision of the Grzybowski Collection, it has become apparent that the name of this taxon is in actuality, invalid.

The designation Trochammina elegans was first used by Rzehak (1887), but since the name only appeared in a table (without a description or illustration) the name is unavailable under Article 12 of the ICZN. Grzybowski (1898), who had received specimens from Rzehak, referred to this species as “Trochammina elegans Rzehak”, but the authorship of the species belongs to Grzybowski under Article 50 of the ICZN. Grzybowski (1898) described Trochammina elegans as follows: Test agglutinated, surface rough; circular in outline, spirally coiled in two and one-half to three whorls. Chambers spherical, increasing in size, numerous, with depressed sutures; there are thirteen to fifteen of them in the last whorl. Aperture at the lower edge of the last chamber, just above the rounded periphery. Diameter 1.3 mm.

However, transferring the authorship of this species makes Trochammina elegans Grzybowski, 1898 a primary junior homonym of Trochammina elegans Egger, 1893 (Article 53c of the ICZN). As such, the name must be permanently rejected (Article 52a). Because no junior synonym exists, we propose the replacement name Trochamminoides grzybowskii Kaminski & Geroch, nom. nov.


Suborder:Textulariina Delage & Herouard, 1896

Genus: Trochamminaides Cushman, 1910

Trochamminoides grzybowskii Kaminski & Geroch, nom.nov. for Trochammina elegans. . .