Articles | Volume 17, issue 2
01 Dec 1998
 | 01 Dec 1998

The distribution of Triebelina raripila and Carinocythereis carinata (Ostracoda) from the Middle Miocene of the Central Paratethys and their palaeogeographic implications

J. Szczechura

Abstract. Late Middle Miocene (Upper Badenian) strata of the Fore-Carpathian Depression of Poland yield a shallow-water ostracod fauna which contains the species Triebelina raripila (G. W. Müller, 1894) and Carinocythereis carinata (Roemer, 1838). The palaeobiogeographic distribution of the two main species suggests, that in the late Middle Miocene, Central Paratethys was still connected to the Mediterranean, although still separated from the Eastern Paratethys and from southeastern Eurasia. The continuous occurrence of Triebelina raripila and Carinocythereis carinata in the Mediterranean basins, from the Early Miocene to Recent, indicates that marine conditions existed throughout, thereby allowing them to survive the Late Miocene salinity crisis.