Articles | Volume 18, issue 1
01 Jun 1999
 | 01 Jun 1999

Linings of agglutinated Foraminifera from the Devonian: taxonomic and biostratigraphic implications

K. N. Bell and T. M. Winchester-Seeto

Abstract. The organic linings of agglutinated foraminiferans from the Devonian are documented and described. These linings have been recovered in palynological residues from Australia, France, Pakistan and Siberia and range from the Lochkovian to the Frasnian. Six species are described as new: Hemisphaerammina coolamon, Psammosphaera garraay, Reophanus proavitus, Saccammina mea, Saccammina wingarri and Thurammina mirrka. Three species, with a wide geographical spread and a relatively limited stratigraphic range, may prove to have some utility in intercontinental correlation: Inauris tubulata Conkin & Conkin, Saccammina mea n. sp. and Saccammina wingarri n. sp.