Articles | Volume 20, issue 1
01 Jul 2001
 | 01 Jul 2001

A review of some key species of mainly Indo-Pacific Ostracoda from the collections of G. S. Brady

Rosemary Titterton, Robin C. Whatley, and John E. Whittaker

Abstract. Fifteen key species of Recent Ostracoda (all but one from Indo-Pacific waters), selected from the collections of G. S. Brady and deposited in the Hancock Museum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and The Natural History Museum, London, are reviewed. Holotypes and lectotypes have been formally designated and illustrated (by SEM) in the case of seven of these species: Neonesidea crosskeiana (Brady, 1866), Macrocyprina decora (Brady, 1866), Macrocyprina maculata (Brady, 1866), Pontocypris attenuata (Brady, 1868), Neocyprideis spinulosa (Brady, 1868), Keijia demissa (Brady 1868), Cytherella semitalis (Brady 1868). Other taxa reviewed and re-illustrated are five species erected by Brady in 1880: Neonesidea woodwardiana, Paranesidea globulus, Loxoconcha pumicosa, Kotaracythere inconspicua, Cletocythereis rastromarginata and Cytherelloidea venusta, and one species described by Brady in 1890: Neomonoceratina entomon. Lectotypes of these have been designated previously, elsewhere. The final species, Neocyprideis timorensis which, although found by Brady in 1880, was first formally described by Fyan in 1916.