Articles | Volume 21, issue 2
01 Dec 2002
 | 01 Dec 2002

Upper Cretaceous intertrappean non-marine Ostracoda from Mohagaonkala (Mohgaon-Kalan), Chhindwara District, Madhya Pradesh State, Central India

Robin Whatley, Sunil Bajpai, and S. Srinivasan

Abstract. A rather impoverished fauna of only nine species of non-marine Ostracoda, belonging to seven genera was recovered from the classic intertrappean locality of Mohagaonkala (Mohgaon-Kalan), in Central India. Two species are cytherids and the remainder cyprids. Three of the species are new: Gomphocythere paucisulcata sp. nov., Cypridopsis elachistos sp. nov. and Zonocypris labyrinthicus sp. nov., while the remaining six species have been described previously from a variety of Upper Cretaceous localities in Peninsular India. Although one species Frambocythere tumiensis (Helmdach) occurs outside India, the sub-species which occurs at this locality, F. t. lakshmiae Whatley & Bajpai, is an Indian endemic. The present fauna confirms that the non-marine Ostracoda of the intertrappeans are essentially endemic to India, despite prior claims to the contrary.