Articles | Volume 24, issue 2
01 Oct 2005
 | 01 Oct 2005

Late Asbian to Brigantian (Mississippian) foraminifera from southeast Ireland: comparison with northern England assemblages

Ian D. Somerville and Pedro Cózar

Keywords: Foraminifera, assemblages, Mississippian, SE Ireland, northern England

Abstract. Foraminiferal assemblages from platform carbonates in the Carlow district (SE Ireland) are analysed. This platform contains a near-continuous succession of Upper Asbian to lower Upper Brigantian strata. Detailed sampling of several quarry and borehole sections allows characterization of foraminiferal assemblages throughout the succession. Assemblages typifying the Late Asbian, Early Brigantian and Late Brigantian are described, with the most common genera and species, as well as the guides for the recognition of these substages. In addition, three successive faunal events are recognized within the Early Brigantian. A comparison with northern England foraminiferal assemblages from the Asbian and Brigantian stratotype sections shows a great similarity in the recorded taxa. Furthermore, these taxa have closely comparable stratigraphical ranges, demonstrating the biostratigraphic utility of these foraminifera throughout Ireland and Britain. Taxa proposed here as guides for the basal Brigantian are potentially an alternative to the previously published taxa (which are either unrecorded, or recorded at higher stratigraphic levels in the Brigantian).