Articles | Volume 25, issue 1
01 Apr 2006
 | 01 Apr 2006

Editorial: 25th Anniversary Issue

John Gregory

Abstract. The Journal of Micropalaeontology is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year and The Micropalaeontology Society (TMS) is marking this special occasion. TMS started life as a specialist group (British Micropalaeontology Group) of the Geological Society of London in 1970. After some discussion, the Society set up in its own right in 1975 as the British Micropalaeontology Society, with a name change made in 2002 to reflect the society’s truly international membership. A milestone in Society history occurred in 1982 with the publication of our own international Journal with Lesley Sheppard as the first editor. The Journal was initially produced once a year, but since 1984 has become a twice yearly publication of growing international repute. There have been 5 editors of the Journal to date and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my predecessors for all their sterling efforts:

Lesley Sheppard 1980–1987

Michael Keen 1987–1994

John Murray 1994–1997

Malcolm Hart 1997–2003

John Gregory 2003–

The Society comprises six specialist groups which study Foraminifera, Microvertebrates, Nannofossils, Ostracods, Palynology and Silicofossils and the Journal welcomes contributions on all aspects of micropalaeontology. The Journal has seen the publication in excess of 500 articles over the last 25 volumes and its scope has always been broad, especially to show the application of microfossils to solving geological problems, with an emphasis on taxonomy. The principal fields of interest are: biostratigraphy; evolution; palaeobiology; palaeoenvironments; reviews and taxonomic studies. The emphasis has been on applications, and our aim is to . . .