Articles | Volume 26, issue 1
01 Apr 2007
 | 01 Apr 2007

Latest Permian Entactinaria (Radiolaria) from southern Guangxi, China

Qinglai Feng, Songzhu Gu, Weihong He, and Yuxi Jin

Keywords: radiolaria, latest Permian, taxonomy, evolution, South China

Abstract. A highly diverse and well-preserved latest Permian radiolarian fauna was obtained from muddy siliceous rocks and siliceous mudstones of the Dalong Formation, southern Guangxi, China. Specimens of the Order Entactinaria were selected for taxonomic study. Thirty-four species, among which were nine new species and twelve unidentified species, are included in this investigation. The nine new species are Entactinia wangi, Entactinia minuta, Entactinia sashidai, Trilonche textiles, Triaenosphaera variabilis, Triaenosphaera megacantha, Provisocyntra densa, Provisocyntra ormistoni and Wuyia dongpanica. Permian species of the Family Spongentactiniidae Nazarov are reported first and the extinction pattern of the Order Entactinaria is discussed.