Articles | Volume 26, issue 1
01 Apr 2007
 | 01 Apr 2007

The Pennsylvanian conodont genus Gondolella Stauffer & Plummer, 1932: reinterpretation of the original type specimens and concepts

Glen K. Merrill and Peter H. Von Bitter

Keywords: Gondolella, Pennsylvanian, conodonts, Stauffer & Plummer, Texas

Abstract. In order to ensure stability of nomenclature among species of Gondolella, lectotypes are selected from among the cotypes (syntypes in modern usage) proposed by Stauffer & Plummer (1932) for species that it is concluded were parts of the apparatuses of two species of that genus. It is recognized that many of their specimens actually represent growth stages of individual species, and many of the names used by Stauffer & Plummer are placed in synonymy. Interpreted synonyms include not only gondolelli-form P1 elements, but other parts of the apparatus, especially P2 elements assigned to Euprioniodina by Stauffer & Plummer. Thus, Gondolella bella has synonyms as P1 elements: G. curvata, G. magna, G. minuta, probably G. sp. A, S1 element Euprioniodina coronata and P2 elements: E. exserta, E. eximia and E. intertexta. In a similar manner, the type species of the genus, Gondolella elegantula, has synonyms G. insolita, G. lanceolata (P1 elements), and probably Euprioniodina sp. B (P2 element?).