Articles | Volume 26, issue 1
01 Apr 2007
 | 01 Apr 2007

Fusulinid Foraminifera of the Bashkirian–Moscovian boundary in the eastern Taurides, southern Turkey

Aleksandra V. Dzhenchuraeva and Cengiz Okuyucu

Keywords: Pennsylvanian, Bashkirian–Moscovian boundary, fusulinids, biostratigraphy, Turkey

Abstract. Fusulinid faunas of the Pennsylvanian (Bashkirian–Moscovian) deposits of the Siyah Aladag Nappe were investigated from the Kuzuoluk section located in the eastern Taurides. The section is represented by grey, occasionally laminated, algal and fusulinid-rich limestones. The foraminiferal faunas of the Kuzuoluk section are very diverse and abundant which allows identification of the Bashkirian–Moscovian boundary by index-species such as Verella spicata and Aljutovella aljutovica. Other key taxa in the Bashkirian–Moscovian interval include Pseudostaffella grandis and Staffellaeformes staffellaeformis (Bashkirian Stage, upper part of the Lower Substage), Ozawainella pararhomboidalis and Staffellaeformes bona (Bashkirian Stage, Upper Substage), Verella spicata (Bashkirian Stage, Upper Substage) and Aljutovella aljutovica Zones (Moscovian Stage, Lower Substage). The Bashkirian–Moscovian microfaunas from the Kuzuoluk section can be correlated with assemblages from Tien-Shan, the Southern Urals and the Russian Platform.