Articles | Volume 28, issue 2
01 Nov 2009
 | 01 Nov 2009


F. John Gregory

Abstract. After six years in office as the editor of the Journal of Micropalaeontology, my time in post has come to an end, and as this will be my final issue of the Journal it is time to hand over the reins. At the AGM of TMS a new editor was elected; Professor Alan Lord and I know that he will do a great job.

As has been reported over the last year or so at the AGM and in TMS Newsletter, there will be some significant changes afoot for the Journal which I have been involved with over the last couple of years. This negotiation has resulted in a new publishing contract for the Journal of Micropalaeontology with the Geological Society of London (GSL), and its publisher the Geological Society Publishing House (GSPH). This will relieve our Society of the financial burden of paying for the production of the Journal. We will exercise the same editorial control we have always had, and although the GSPH is run as a commercial concern by the Geological Society they, as a learned society themselves, place great emphasis on not interfering with the running of society Journals, and respect the academic nature of our science. The format of the Journal will remain the same, with continued emphasis on excellent international science and high-quality plate production.

There will, however, be some significant changes regarding the way papers are submitted and dealt with. The main one will be the initiation of online submission and manuscript handling . . .