Articles | Volume 29, issue 1
01 Apr 2010
 | 01 Apr 2010

Description of appendages from three marine trachyleberidid species (Ostracoda, Crustacea) from Japan

Gengo Tanaka and Koji Seto

Keywords: Acanthocythereis munechikai, Actinocythereis kisarazuensis, Hirsutocythere hanaii, Ostracoda, Trachyleberididae

Abstract. Three living trachyleberidid ostracod species, Acanthocythereis munechikai Ishizaki, Actinocythereis kisarazuensis Yajima and Hirsutocythere hanaii Ishizaki, were discovered in the Tsushima Straits, c. 120 km east of Tsushima Island (north Island), N 34° 46′ E 130° 46′ at a depth of 116 m. This is the first description of complete appendages for these genera.