Articles | Volume 3, issue 2
01 Sep 1984
 | 01 Sep 1984

Comments on some of Britain’s oldest microfossils

C. J. Peat

Abstract. A critical re-appraisal of some reports of British Precambrian microfossils illustrates potential pitfalls in describing Precambrian microbiotas. The Ceinwen and Llanddwyn Spilitic Formation of the Gwna Group contains convincing filamentous microfossils, but a report of acanthomorph arcitarchs has not yet been confirmed. Although the Diabaig Formation of the Torridon Group is known to be abundantly fossiliferous, a report based on S.E.M. without thin section control is rejected. Chert pebbles from the Applecross Formation of the Torridon Group do not contain convincing microfossils. They are contaminated by fungi and contain abiogenic structures which resemble cells and tissues. Reports of diagnostic Middle Riphean microfossils from the Blackbrook Formation and the Maplewell Group of the Charnian and the Buxton Rock of the Longmyndian await confirmation.