Articles | Volume 6, issue 1
01 May 1987
 | 01 May 1987

Calcareous nannoplankton biozonation of the Thanetian Stage (Palaeocene) in the type area

William G. Siesser, David J. Ward, and Alan R. Lord

Abstract. The Thanetian Stage in the type area is composed of the Thanet Formation, the Woolwich Bottom Bed and the Oldhaven Beds. The Thanet Formation at the stratotype localities in southeastern England contains calcareous nannoplankton Zones NP 6/7 and NP 8. The Woolwich Bottom Bed and Oldhaven Beds are not zonable in the type area. The marine “Bottom Bed” of the Woolwich and Reading Beds is, however, assignable to Zone NP 9 outside the type area (at Clarendon Hill in Wiltshire).