Articles | Volume 6, issue 2
01 Nov 1987
 | 01 Nov 1987

Combined ostracod and planktonic foraminiferal biozonation of the Late Coniacian – Early Maastrichtian in Israel

Avraham Honigstein, Ahuva Almogi–labin, and Amnon Rosenfeld

Abstract. The distribution and zonation of planktonic foraminifera and ostracods during the Late Coniacian – Early Maastrichtian succession in Israel was studied in detail from six surface sections. The combination of contemporaneous biozones led to a more accurate age determination of the local ostracod zones, according to the Tethyan planktonic foraminiferal zonation. The configuration of the biozones of both taxa presents more datum lines for stratigraphic correlation of the Senonian strata of Israel. Three new ostracod species were described from Campanian sediments: Cytherelloidea zinensis, Loxoconcha hebraica and Cristaeleberis ordinata.