Articles | Volume 6, issue 1
01 May 1987
 | 01 May 1987

Some aspects of the biology of the North American ostracod Sarsiella zostericola Cushman in the vicinity of a British power station

R. N. Bamber

Abstract. A population of the North American myodocopid ostracod Sarseilla zostericola Cushman has become established in the River Medway, Kent, in the vicinity of the cooling water discharge from Kingsnorth Power Station, though not living in the thermally stressed regions of the discharge environment. The species is assumed to have been introduced with North American oysters, but is not an example of an ‘exotic’ species surviving in association with the heated discharge. The Kingsnorth individuals are larger and more fecund than those of studied North American populations. The breeding biology, life history and sex ratio are discussed. It is suggested that the intolerance of S. zostericola to the conditions of the thermally stressed discharge canal is associated with shell physiology.