Articles | Volume 6, issue 1
01 May 1987
 | 01 May 1987

Cabochonicus, a new genus for species of gemmate megaspores previously referred to Verrutriletes

D. J. Batten and D. J. P. Ferguson

Abstract. Several species of Mesozoic megaspores that are sculptured with globular, often gemmate elements are sufficiently distinct from most verrucate forms to warrant their inclusion in a genus other than Verrutriletes. Cabochonicus is erected to accommodate them with C. (al. Verrutriletes) carbunculus as the type species. The form of the gemmae, which have a glossy appearance, has been the subject of past debate with one interpretation being that they are the manifestation of fungal attack rather than sculpture. Evidence from ultrastructural studies suggests, however, that they are exinal excrescences. The spores are assumed to be the products of heterosporous lycopods and the structure of the wall layers may indicate selaginellalean affinities. The plants are more likely to have been terrestrial than aquatic or semi-aquatic.