Articles | Volume 7, issue 2
01 Dec 1988
 | 01 Dec 1988

A palynological investigation of some Lower Kimmeridgian deposits from Spain

A. W. Van Erve, R. E. Besems, and C. F. Love

Abstract. The present paper provides the first palynological data from two ammonite controlled sections from the Lower Kimmeridgian (Sutneria platynota Ammonite Zone) in Spain. The Segura de la Sierra sequence is located in the Betic Cordilleras and the Hontanar sequence is located in the Iberian Chain. The palynological assemblages, dominated by dinoflagellate cysts and sporomorphs, include taxa which are well known from other areas to be long-ranging throughout the major part of the Mesozoic. Most noteworthy is the presence of Cicatricosisporites spp. in the material investigated. The impact of this on the assumption that a strong diachronous south-north migration of this taxon existed during Middle and Late Jurassic times is discussed.