Articles | Volume 8, issue 2
01 Dec 1989
 | 01 Dec 1989

Micropalaeontology of the Permian Marls of Merbah el Oussif (Jebel Tebaga, Tunisia) with special emphasis on the Ostracods

F. Lethiers, S. Razgallah, J. P. Colin, and D. Vachard

Abstract. The Marls of Merbah el Oussif are part of the Permian series of the Jebel Tebaga of Médénine in Tunisia. They belong to the uppermost Murghabian, a stage intermediate between the Wordian and the Capitanian. These green marls were deposited in lows at the base of sponge bioherms. The sedimentation rate was high and the environment well oxygenated. The marls contain a relatively rich assemblage of isolated sponges, gastropods, smaller foraminifera, fusulinids, dasycladacean algae and ostracods. Amongst those, for the first time reported from the Permian of Tunisia, 14 species have been identified and one new species described, Bairdiacypris postrectiformis sp. nov. The geographic and stratigraphic distribution of several species are discussed. This ostracod fauna indicates a shallow nearshore environment and suggests a western, not eastern connection between the Tethys and the Texas Sea.