Articles | Volume 8, issue 2
01 Dec 1989
 | 01 Dec 1989

The “Cimpia Moment” (late Miocene, Romania) and the Pannonian-Pontian boundary, defined by ostracods

Radu Olteanu

Abstract. The boundary between the Pannonian and Pontian (late Miocene) of the Pannonian area is recognised on the basis of ostracod faunas. A comparison is made between the faunas of the Pannonian Basin and the Dacic-Euxine Basin. A transitional fauna with Pannonian elements, but a stronger Pontian component, is described from Cimpia (Romania). This indicates a more gradual transition between the two stages in the Pannonian Basin than in the Dacic-Euxine Basin, where there is a sharp faunal break indicating a period of non-deposition or erosion.