Articles | Volume 8, issue 1
01 Jun 1989
 | 01 Jun 1989

Foraminifera and Ostracods from the Dinantian Woodbine Shale and Urswick Limestone, South Cumbria, U.K.

J. Athersuch and A. R. E. Strank

Abstract. Macrofaunal and foraminiferal analyses have shown the Woodbine Shale in South Cumbria to be of latest early Asbian age. Ostracods and solid foraminifera from the Woodbine Shale are described and illustrated for the first time. Several ostracods including Rectobairdia cf. dorssenata, Healdia ‘penchfordensis’, Bairdia cf. leguminoides, Pustulobairdia cf. confragosa and Microcheilinella subcorbulinoides, previously only known from late Asbian or younger strata, have now been shown to range into the early Asbian. The numerous bairdiids, heavily ornamented ostracods, trilobites, brachiopods and abundant foraminifera suggest a deep, subtidal, marine environment of deposition for the Woodbine Shale. Foraminifera from the underlying Lower Urswick Limestone suggest an early Asbian age for this formation whilst the overlying Upper Urswick Limestone is shown to be of late Asbian age. The foraminiferal assemblages from these beds can be correlated directly with those in the early Asbian Upper Potts Beck Limestone and the late Asbian Knipe Scar Limestone in the Asbian stratotype section at Little Asby Scar, Cumbria.