Articles | Volume 9, issue 2
01 Mar 1991
 | 01 Mar 1991

The taxonomic position of Orthoplecta Brady, 1884 (Foraminiferida)

Stefan A. Revets and John E. Whittaker

Abstract. The type species of Orthoplecta, contrary to previous descriptions, possesses an Elongobula-like furrowed apertural face, with a distinct toothplate. Orthoplecta is reclassified in the Buliminacea in the family Orthoplectidae, herein raised to family status. The Orthoplectidae is redefined to include the genera Orthoplecta, Elongobula and Floresina. The occurrence in Orthoplecta of morphological features characteristic of both Floresina and Buliminoides raises questions concerning the evolution of these foraminifera.