Articles | Volume 11, issue 1
01 Jun 1992
 | 01 Jun 1992

Lower Triassic (Smithian) conodonts from northwest Pahang Peninsular Malaysia

I. Metcalfe

Abstract. Lower Triassic conodonts are reported from limestones, interpreted as a possible submarine slump, exposed along the new Kuala Lipis -Gua Musang highway, northwest Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia. The co-occurrence of Neospathodus triangularis (Bender), Platyvillosus costatus (Staesch), Neospathodus dieneri Sweet and Platyvillosus hamadai Koike in the fauna indicates a Scythian (late Smithian) age. Platyvillosus hamadai is unknown from the Peri-Gondwana province and its occurrence in the fauna supports a pre-Early Triassic rifting of the Malay Peninsula from Gondwana.