Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
01 Dec 1993
 | 01 Dec 1993

A biostratigraphic revision of the Eocene and Oligocene foraminiferal type localities of Trinidad described by Cushman & Stainforth (1945) and Cushman & Renz (1948)

Caroline M Mccabe, Michael A Kaminski, and Edward Finch

Abstract. This study constitutes a revision and reappraisal of the samples used in the two classic studies of the calcareous benthic foraminifera of the Navet, San Fernando and Cipero Formations of Trinidad: Cushman & Renz’s 1948 study of the Eocene, and Cushman & Stainforth’s 1945 study of the Oligocene. Biostratigraphical calibration is achieved by reference to the lithological schemes of Bolli (1957) and other studies, and by directly assigning the samples to the standard planktonic foraminiferal and nannofossils zonal schemes. This direct calibration enables a more precise biostratigraphic framework for the type localities of 55 benthic foraminiferal taxa described by Cushman & Renz and Cushman & Stainforth.