Articles | Volume 17, issue 2
01 Dec 1998
 | 01 Dec 1998

Odontochitina tabulata sp. nov. A Late Santonian–Early Campanian dinoflagellate cyst from SE Sirte Basin, Libya

Ali Daw El-Mehdawi

Abstract. Odontochitina tabulata, a new tabulated ceratioid species, has been recorded and described from core samples in Well C3-65 in the SE Sirte Basin. This species is characterizd by parasutural and pandasutural features reflecting clear gonyaulacacean paratabulation. It has a short stratigraphic range and is considered as a valuable stratigraphic marker for the Late Santonian–Early Campanian. The diagnosis of the genus Odontochitina Deflandre, 1935 is emended to include forms having a well defined gonyaulacacean paratabulation and narrow pandasutural and parasutural ridges.