Articles | Volume 2, issue 1
01 Jul 1983
 | 01 Jul 1983

Basal Dinantian miospores from the Cockermouth area, West Cumbria

M. A. Butterworth and C. E. Butcher

Abstract. Miospore assemblages are described from basal Dinantian argillaceous strata lying below and above the Cockermouth Lavas, and within the Seventh Limestone in the area to the north east of Cockermouth, West Cumbria. The strata enclosing the Lavas are assigned to the Schopfites claviger-Auroraspora macra miospore zone, indicating the Ivorian stage (Tournaisian, Tn3). The Lavas are thus shown to be of similar age to the Solway Plateau Lavas to the north which represent an early stage in the formation of the Solway Basin.

Shales from below the Seventh Limestone are assigned to the Lycospora pusilla miospore zone and from this and other fossil evidence are presumed to be of Chadian or early Arundian age. Shales from within the Seventh Limestone are assigned to the Perotrilites tessellatus – Schulzospora campyloptera miospore zone (Asbian stage)

It is concluded that the Ivorian-Asbian sequence in this area is greatly attenuated compared with its development on the northern margin of the Solway Basin.