Articles | Volume 2, issue 1
01 Jul 1983
 | 01 Jul 1983

Some species of the ostracod genus Bythocythere Sars from British waters

John Athersuch, David J. Horne, and John E. Whittaker

Abstract. A reappraisal of the genus Bythocythere shows that five species (B. bradyi Sars, B. intermedia Elofson, B. zetlandica sp. nov., B. robinsoni sp. nov. and B. bradleyi sp. nov.) live in British coastal waters. A sixth species, found in Quaternary deposits in Scotland and the North Sea, is not thought to live in this area today. Past records of B. turgida Sars and B. constricta Sars from the Recent of the British Isles are shown to be incorrect.