Articles | Volume 3, issue 1
01 Mar 1984
 | 01 Mar 1984

The Triassic radiolarian genus, Triassocrucella gen. nov. and the Jurassic Hagiastrum Haeckel, 1882

Heinz Kozur

Abstract. The Triassic Hagiastrum species described by Kozur & Mostler (1978) and Pessagno (in Pessagno et al., 1979) do not belong to this genus in the restricted sense of Baumgartner (1980). Some can be assigned to Crucella Pessagno, 1971 but for the majority of these species a new genus, Triassocrucella gen. nov. is introduced. The taxonomic position of Hagiastrum Haeckel, 1882 is discussed.