Articles | Volume 37, issue 1
Research article
05 Jan 2018
Research article |  | 05 Jan 2018

Stratigraphic calibration of Oligocene–Miocene organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts from offshore Wilkes Land, East Antarctica, and a zonation proposal

Peter K. Bijl, Alexander J. P. Houben, Anja Bruls, Jörg Pross, and Francesca Sangiorgi

Data sets

Dinoflagellate cysts in the Oligocene to Miocene sediments of IODP Site 318-U1356A P. K. Bijl, A. J. P. Houben, A. Bruls, J. Pross, F. Sangiorgi, and A. García-Alix

Short summary
In order to use ocean sediments as a recorder of past oceanographic changes, a critical first step is to stratigraphically date the sediments. The absence of microfossils with known stratigraphic ranges has always hindered dating of Southern Ocean sediments. Here we tie dinocyst ranges to the international timescale in a well-dated sediment core from offshore Antarctica. With this, we can now use dinocysts as a biostratigraphic tool in otherwise stratigraphically poorly dated sediments.