Articles | Volume 4, issue 2
01 Aug 1985
 | 01 Aug 1985

Ostracod faunas in the Purbeck and Wealden of England

F. W. Anderson

Abstract. The occurrence and abundance of ostracods found in 98 subdivisions (Faunicycles) of late Jurassic to early Cretaceous age in the English Purbeck and Wealden are summarised. Most of the taxa found are illustrated from holotype or other material and details of their ranges and abundance given in relation to each faunicycle. The characters of the ostracod assemblages and zones are described. Three new species (Cypridea brendae, C. hispida and Eoparacypris edmundsi); also two new subspecies (Cypridea setina pelota and C. tuberculata dorsiclavaia) are described and figured. A lectotype for Palaeocytheridea pellucida is selected and figured.