Articles | Volume 5, issue 1
01 Apr 1986
 | 01 Apr 1986

Neospathodus and other Conodonta from the Saharonim Formation (Anisian-Ladinian) at Makhtesh Ramon, Negev, southern Israel

Chaim Benjamini and Alexander Chepstow-Lusty

Abstract. 63 conodont elements, referred to four multielement genera (Neospathodus, Cypridodella, Ketinella and Ellisonia) were recovered from the Upper Anisian-Lower Ladinian ‘fossiliferous limestone’ member of the Saharonim Formation, Makhtesh Ramon, Israel. The new form-species Neospathodus shagami sp. nov. is here described. Together with associated conodont elements, this species appears to show a close relationship to more advanced Gondolellaceans. Absence of true platform conodonts in the studied fauna may be due to paleoecological or phylogenetic factors.