Articles | Volume 5, issue 2
01 Dec 1986
 | 01 Dec 1986

Archaeopyle variability in Early Cretaceous dinocysts of the partiform gonyaulacoid genus Druggidium Habib

Ian C. Harding

Abstract. Scanning electron microscope (S.E.M.) observation techniques have enabled paratabulation formulae to be elucidated (in both Kofoidian and Taylor-Evitt notation) for the partiform gonyaulacoid dinocyst genus Druggidium Habib. Archaeopyle variability within the species of this genus is highlighted, further emphasising the uncertainties concerning the taxonomic significance of archaeopyle type. The genus Druggidium is therefore emended, as is the species D. jubatum Duxbury. One new species, D. augustum, is described.