Articles | Volume 5, issue 2
01 Dec 1986
 | 01 Dec 1986

Pollen and spore events from the marine Tertiary of North Europe

M. C. Boulter

Abstract. Results are presented of semi-quantitative palynological analyses from two cored boreholes. One is from the central North Sea (16/1-1) and penetrates sediments from the Middle Miocene to the Palaeocene. The other is from the Voring Plateau of the Norwegian Sea (D.S.D.P. Leg 38 site 338) and penetrates sediments from the Early Miocene to the Early Eocene. The results show a number of interesting palynological features and these are discussed in relation to other evidence. The most important of these are: 1, the small range of angiosperm pollen in the Palaeocene; 2, changes in the dinocyst:pollen ratio in Early Eocene sediments in both cores at about the time of an increase in Subtriporopollenites pollen; 3, the presence of triprojectate pollen in the Late Eocene and Middle Oligocene sediments of site 338 some of which may not be reworked; and 4, a clear difference between Neogene and Palaeogene pollen taxa.