Articles | Volume 7, issue 1
01 May 1988
 | 01 May 1988

A revision of Brady’s 1869 study of the Ostracoda of Hong Kong

Robin Whatley and Zhao Quanhong

Abstract. This paper is a revision of Brady’s 1869 study of the Ostracoda of Hong Kong in ‘Les Fonds de la Mer’. In this he described the following nine new species: Cyrherella cingulata, Bairdia elegans, Bythocythere orientalis, Loxoconcha sinensis, L. hastata, Cytheridea impressa, Cythere cymba, C. euplectella and C. salebrosa. A detailed reappraisal of Brady’s original material which is deposited in the Hancock Museum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, and the Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Scientifiques, Biarritz, France has revealed that the specimens of L. hastata are apparently lost. Holotypes and lectotypes have been designated by the authors for the other eight species. Those species which were subsequently recorded by Brady (1880) in the Challenger Report, such as C. cingulata, B. orientalis, L. sinensis and C. euplectella are demonstrated not to be conspecific with their original types first described in 1869. The following 10 species, Bythoceratina virgatella Hu, 1983 and B. cassidoidea Zhao, 1985; Cyprideis yehi Hu & Yeh, 1978, Sinocytheridea sinensis Hou. 1978, S. latiovata Hou & Chen, 1982, 5. lotjga Hou & Chen, 1982 and Eucytheridea sinobesani Hu, 1984: Cythereis subconvexa Kajiyama, 1913 and Aurila miii Ishizaki, 1968: Cythereis assimilis Kajiyama. 1913 are placed by the authors in the synonymies of Brady’s B. orientalis, C. impressa, C. cymba and C. salebrosa respectively.