Articles | Volume 3, issue 1
01 Mar 1984
 | 01 Mar 1984

The dinoflagellate cyst genus Polygonifera; emendation and taxonomic stabilization

Naresh C. Mehrotra and William A. S. Sarjeant

Abstract. The taxonomic identity of the dinoflagellate cyst genus Polygonifera Habib, 1972 is confirmed, through the recognition of additional morphological characters during the study of specimens from Early-Middle Cretaceous sediments of India. A revised definition of this genus is presented. Leberidocysta Stover & Evitt, 1978 is considered a subjective junior synonym of Polygonifera and its type species Leberidocysta (ex: Hexagonifera) chlamydata (Cookson & Eisenack) is transferred to Polygonifera. The other species placed in Leberidocysta are provisionally reattributed to other genera, becoming Craspedodinium (ex: Hexagonifera) defloccata (Davey), Craspedodinium (ex: Palaeostomocystis) pergamentacea (Burger), Hexagonifera laticaudata Vozzhennikova and Hexagonifera scabrata Jain & Taugourdeau-Lantz. A new species, Polygonifera eisenackii, is described. Morphological differences between the camocavate genera Polygonifera and Dingodinium are clarified.