Articles | Volume 40, issue 2
J. Micropalaeontol., 40, 195–223, 2021
J. Micropalaeontol., 40, 195–223, 2021

Research article 25 Nov 2021

Research article | 25 Nov 2021

Biometry and taxonomy of Adriatic Ammonia species from Bellaria–Igea Marina (Italy)

Joachim Schönfeld et al.

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Heavy metal uptake of near-shore benthic foraminifera during multi-metal culturing experiments
Sarina Schmidt, Edmund Charles Hathorne, Joachim Schönfeld, and Dieter Garbe-Schönberg
Biogeosciences Discuss.,,, 2021
Revised manuscript accepted for BG
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Bottom-water deoxygenation at the Peruvian margin during the last deglaciation recorded by benthic foraminifera
Zeynep Erdem, Joachim Schönfeld, Anthony E. Rathburn, Maria-Elena Pérez, Jorge Cardich, and Nicolaas Glock
Biogeosciences, 17, 3165–3182,,, 2020
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Seasonal and interannual variability in population dynamics of planktic foraminifers off Puerto Rico (Caribbean Sea)
Anna Jentzen, Joachim Schönfeld, Agnes K. M. Weiner, Manuel F. G. Weinkauf, Dirk Nürnberg, and Michal Kučera
J. Micropalaeontol., 38, 231–247,,, 2019
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Mg ∕ Ca and δ18O in living planktic foraminifers from the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Florida Straits
Anna Jentzen, Dirk Nürnberg, Ed C. Hathorne, and Joachim Schönfeld
Biogeosciences, 15, 7077–7095,,, 2018
Salinity control on Na incorporation into calcite tests of the planktonic foraminifera Trilobatus sacculifer – evidence from culture experiments and surface sediments
Jacqueline Bertlich, Dirk Nürnberg, Ed C. Hathorne, Lennart J. de Nooijer, Eveline M. Mezger, Markus Kienast, Steffanie Nordhausen, Gert-Jan Reichart, Joachim Schönfeld, and Jelle Bijma
Biogeosciences, 15, 5991–6018,,, 2018

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Benthic foraminifera
Biogeographic distribution of three phylotypes (T1, T2 and T6) of Ammonia (foraminifera, Rhizaria) around Great Britain: new insights from combined molecular and morphological recognition
Julien Richirt, Magali Schweizer, Aurélia Mouret, Sophie Quinchard, Salha A. Saad, Vincent M. P. Bouchet, Christopher M. Wade, and Frans J. Jorissen
J. Micropalaeontol., 40, 61–74,,, 2021
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Comparative analysis of six common foraminiferal species of the genera Cassidulina, Paracassidulina, and Islandiella from the Arctic–North Atlantic domain
Alix G. Cage, Anna J. Pieńkowski, Anne Jennings, Karen Luise Knudsen, and Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz
J. Micropalaeontol., 40, 37–60,,, 2021
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Microfossil assemblages and geochemistry for interpreting the incidence of the Jenkyns Event (early Toarcian) in the south-eastern Iberian Palaeomargin (External Subbetic, SE Spain)
Matías Reolid
J. Micropalaeontol., 39, 233–258,,, 2020
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Micropalaeontology, biostratigraphy, and depositional setting of the mid-Cretaceous Derdere Formation at Derik, Mardin, south-eastern Turkey
Michael D. Simmons, Vicent Vicedo, İsmail Ö. Yılmaz, İzzet Hoşgör, Oğuz Mülayim, and Bilal Sarı
J. Micropalaeontol., 39, 203–232,,, 2020
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Latest Oligocene to earliest Pliocene deep-sea benthic foraminifera from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Sites 752, 1168 and 1139, southern Indian Ocean
Dana Ridha, Ian Boomer, and Kirsty M. Edgar
J. Micropalaeontol., 38, 189–229,,, 2019
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Ammonia beccarii was described from Rimini Beach in 1758. This taxon has often been mistaken with other species in the past. Recent studies assessed the biometry of Ammonia species and integrated it with genetic data but relied on a few large and dead specimens only. In a comprehensive approach, we assessed the whole living Ammonia assemblage near the type locality of A. beccarii and identified parameters which are robust and facilitate a secure species identification.