Articles | Volume 41, issue 2
Research article
01 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 01 Nov 2022

Analysing planktonic foraminiferal growth in three dimensions with foram3D: an R package for automated trait measurements from CT scans

Anieke Brombacher, Alex Searle-Barnes, Wenshu Zhang, and Thomas H. G. Ezard

Model code and software

AniekeBrombacher/foram3D: Release for publication (v1.1.0) A. Brombacher, A. Searle-Barnes, W. Zhang, and T. H. G. Ezard

Short summary
Foraminifera are sand-grain-sized marine organisms that build spiral shells. When they die, the shells sink to the sea floor where they are preserved for millions of years. We wrote a software package that automatically analyses the fossil spirals to learn about evolution of new shapes in the geological past. With this software we will be able to analyse larger datasets than we currently can, which will improve our understanding of the evolution of new species.