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Research article
04 Nov 2022
Research article |  | 04 Nov 2022

Artificial intelligence applied to the classification of eight middle Eocene species of the genus Podocyrtis (polycystine radiolaria)

Veronica Carlsson, Taniel Danelian, Pierre Boulet, Philippe Devienne, Aurelien Laforge, and Johan Renaudie

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Short summary
This study evaluates the use of automatic classification using AI on eight closely related radiolarian species of the genus Podocyrtis based on MobileNet CNN. Species belonging to Podocyrtis are useful for middle Eocene biostratigraphy. Numerous images of Podocyrtis species from the tropical Atlantic Ocean were used to train and validate the CNN. An overall accuracy of about 91 % was obtained. Additional Podocyrtis specimens from other ocean realms were used to test the predictive model.