Articles | Volume 42, issue 1
Research article
02 Jun 2023
Research article |  | 02 Jun 2023

An expanded database of Southern Hemisphere surface sediment dinoflagellate cyst assemblages and their oceanographic affinities

Lena Mareike Thöle, Peter Dirk Nooteboom, Suning Hou, Rujian Wang, Senyan Nie, Elisabeth Michel, Isabel Sauermilch, Fabienne Marret, Francesca Sangiorgi, and Peter Kristian Bijl

Data sets

SH655 dinocyst surface sediment database P. K. Bijl

Short summary
Dinoflagellate cysts can be used to infer past oceanographic conditions in the Southern Ocean. This requires knowledge of their present-day ecologic affinities. We add 66 Antarctic-proximal surface sediment samples to the Southern Ocean data and derive oceanographic conditions at those stations. Dinoflagellate cysts are clearly biogeographically separated along latitudinal gradients of temperature, sea ice, nutrients, and salinity, which allows us to reconstruct these parameters for the past.