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Research article
18 Jan 2019
Research article |  | 18 Jan 2019

Record of Early to Middle Eocene paleoenvironmental changes from lignite mines, western India

Sonal Khanolkar and Jyoti Sharma

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Some observations on an atypical planktic foraminifer from the Middle Eocene of Kutch, India
Sonal Khanolkar and Pratul Kumar Saraswati
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Palynology an open-access taxonomic and stratigraphic database of organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts
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Dinoflagellate cyst and pollen assemblages as tracers for marine productivity and river input in the northern Gulf of Mexico
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An expanded database of Southern Hemisphere surface sediment dinoflagellate cyst assemblages and their oceanographic affinities
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Late Eocene–early Miocene evolution of the southern Australian subtropical front: a marine palynological approach
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We carried out comparative analyses of multiple microfossil groups like foraminifera, dinoflagellates, pollen and spores from Early and Middle Eocene lignite mine sections from paleotropical sites of the Cambay, Kutch and Barmer basins of western India in order to record the changes in paleovegetation and paleodepositional conditions during the hot and humid climate.