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Research article
22 Sep 2023
Research article |  | 22 Sep 2023

Agglutinated foraminifera from the Turonian–Coniacian boundary interval in Europe – paleoenvironmental remarks and stratigraphy

Richard M. Besen, Kathleen Schindler, Andrew S. Gale, and Ulrich Struck

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Late Eocene to early Oligocene productivity events in the proto-Southern Ocean as drivers of global cooling and Antarctica glaciation
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EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Albian to Turonian agglutinated foraminiferal assemblages of the Lower Saxony Cretaceous sub-basins – implications for sequence stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental interpretation
Richard M. Besen, Ulrich Struck, and Ekbert Seibertz
Foss. Rec., 24, 395–441,,, 2021
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Foss. Rec., 24, 171–192,,, 2021
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A revision of Ophidiaster davidsoni de Loriol and Pellat 1874 from the Tithonian of Boulogne (France) and its transfer from the Valvatacea to the new forcipulatacean genus Psammaster gen. nov.
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Foss. Rec., 23, 141–149,,, 2020
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Biogeographic distribution of three phylotypes (T1, T2 and T6) of Ammonia (foraminifera, Rhizaria) around Great Britain: new insights from combined molecular and morphological recognition
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Short summary
Turonian–Coniacian agglutinated foraminiferal assemblages from calcareous deposits from the temperate European shelf realm were studied. Acmes of agglutinated foraminifera correlate between different sections and can be used for paleoenvironmental analysis expressing inter-regional changes. Agglutinated foraminiferal morphogroups display a gradual shift from Turonian oligotrophic environments towards more mesotrophic conditions in the latest Turonian and Coniacian.